Father's Day Tote Bag  


A delicious, chef-crafted selection of BBQ ready provisions to celebrate your dad.


Father's Day Tote Bag

Casus Eco Portable Grill
Compact, eco friendly, biodegradable grill


Paired with a tote bag filled with

Savoury Chef Spice Rub

Savoury Chef House-Made BBQ Sauce

Savoury Chef Pickled Jalapenos

Savoury Chef Macarons

Savoury Chef Candied Nuts

Domenica Fiore Chili Oil

BKH Singapore Style Beef Jerky

Original Six Gun Chili Mixins

Hard Bite Potato Chips

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Drunken Chocolatiers Sampler Pack


per tote bag

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